Organic Baked Coconut Chips 40g

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Crispy, Golden Baked Coconut Chips. Made with certified organic coconuts.

What are 13Vegan Organic Coconut Chips?
Nutritious, golden baked coconut crisps without any chemical additives or processing.  Our fully traceable process from Harvest @ the farm  to chips ensures all stakeholders are fairly rewarded while ensuring the highest of quality & freshest product reaches you.

The 13Vegan Organic Coconut Chips journey:  11-12 month old coconuts are harvested from the lands of our partner farmers by in-house staff to promote traceability and fair remuneration. Once de-husked, fresh coconut meat is cleaned, shredded and lightly seasoned before being baked to a light golden crisp.

13Vegan Organic Coconut Chips have a light and delicate yet sweet taste and are great as a snack on its own, add texture to a salad, a dessert or to enrich your favourite recipe.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Coconut, Cane Sugar, Rock Salt.

Store in cool, dry environment away from sunlight.
Keep pouch tightly sealed.
Best consumed within 3 days from opening.
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