Good Day folks! 13Vegan began as individuals who spent years crafting products for our personal use. As we grew with technical experience, scientific & traditional knowledge solving problems like natural haircare effectively, many around us began to want in. This brought us on a journey from making our solutions for relatives and close friends to developing full and complete products in house that we can share with everyone. 13Vegan was founded in 2014 with a strong drive to share our knowledge and creations as honestly and personably as possible.

The Name.

13 is inspired via design iterations from the first 2 characters - ੴ  - in the Sikh spiritual guide, the Guru Granth Sahib. ੴ   (read as ik onkar) is recognised in Sikh traditions as the absolute and summary of their truth. Ik Onkar shortly translates to:- From One, through a primal force, is the multitude of expanse. A strong concept that cuts away at every form of discrimination, feelings of disunion among us and our environment, its people and fellow beings. This is a concept that has kept us grounded and always embracing that reality of oneness within all of us.

Our Passions.

Honesty, at least always getting better at it.

One of our greatest pillars in starting 13Vegan was the principle that we would never sell or share with others products that we wouldn't use ourselves. This has also extended to how we price our products, not taking advantage of the amazing people who grow or produce our raw materials and our relationships with you of course.

Clean, Healthy living.

Living and being healthy is a long personal journey. Our definition of healthy has always been about bringing the body to a state where it is capable of healing thyself. Nature's abundance in aiding us in this process has no bounds. So we chose to work as much as possible with that flow of abundance instead of against it.

Closer to Nature.

Are we trying to subtly force 'veganism' on everyone? Honestly (see above, lol), we understand and appreciate the many ways of living on this planet we share. We do however hope to inspire others, regardless of their preferences, to build a more conscious approach to the food they eat or the products they use. If one eats meat, why not consider only eating healthy animals. If one eats only plants, why not ensure that you are eating the healthiest plants. Our vegan products acknowledged our conscious need for low impact, healthful, stable and nutritionally packed profiles through minimal processing.