After Months of work, we are pleased to introduce 13vegan.com version 2! The new site has been designed and developed in house by the 13Vegan Team to accomodate our increasing product line. Our blog will continue to be filled with articles on our products, the process, health benefits and descriptions of each and every ingredient present in our products.

13Vegan had been launched in early 2015 to share with others all natural products that we make for use ourselves on a daily basis.Our first product, 13Vegan Balm began as a personal need for a product for use on our hair, beard and hard skin areas and came out of more than 3 years of research prior to its release. You may read more about this in our balm journey. Staying as passionate as we are about honesty in our products, keeping it always all natural, minimally processed and most importantly enriching the lives of all in our journey from the farmer we may purchase our ingredients, the team who processes it down to you our fellow consumers.

Help us be better in serving you and keeping it as real as we can while we grow.

Share with us your ideas, feedback or your love anytime via our contact page or by email to sales@13vegan.com

Thank You all for your support.