Organic Virgin Coconut Oil 750ml

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Our Signature Fresh Centrifuged, Cold Pressed Virgin coconut oil. Made with certified organic coconuts.

What is 13Vegan Organic Virgin Coconut Oil?
A premium virgin oil extracted from the milk of fresh coconuts at low temperatures without any chemical additives or processing. Our fully traceable process from Harvest @ the farm  to Oil within 48 hours ensures all stakeholders are fairly rewarded while ensuring the highest of quality & freshest oil reaches you.

The 13Vegan Organic VCO journey:  11-12 month old coconuts are harvested from the lands of our partner farmers by in-house staff to promote traceability and fair remuneration. Once de-husked, fresh coconut meat is shredded and pressed to extract its milk at low temperatures. The fresh coconut milk is run through a fresh centrifuge to separate the oil. Once filtered and vacuum dried, removing any excess moisture, the oil is packed. All within 48 hours from harvest and within 2 hours from cracking a coconut.

13Vegan Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is a great oral supplement, cooking oil, salad dressing and as an enriching additive in smoothies, coffee & tea. Ideal for Hair & Skin care.

A perfect oil for nourishing and enriching your pet animal's fur.

Ingredients: 100% Organic Virgin Coconut Oil

Store in cool, dry environment away from sunlight.
Keep bottle tightly sealed.
See bottle for best before date.
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