Healthy Essentials Moringa 150g

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A nutritious & versatile South East Asian Herb powder.

Enrich your daily diet with our Healthy Essentials Range:  Ginger  | Lemongrass | Turmeric | Moringa

What is 13Vegan Healthy Essentials Moringa Leaf Herb Powder?
Long a staple component in Asian diets, Moringa has long been hailed as nature's energy boosting multivitamin packed with quality vitamins and minerals. Our Moringa Leaf Herb powder contains No artificial preservatives with full traceability to the farmers who nurtured it.

Freshly harvested Moringa leaves are sourced directly from farmers to ensure they are rewarded fairly and that only the highest quality product is selected for processing. Once washed and milled the herb is dried at low temperatures maintaining maximum nutrient value. Our lengthy but minimal processing ensures the potency and natural aromas remain intact so they can be readily used how you choose to.

To prepare
Add half to one teaspoon of 13Vegan Healthy Essentials Moringa to Hot water, tea or a beverage of your choice. We encourage you to experiment with your favourite recipes to enrich your daily nutrition count.

Healthy Essentials Recommended Pairings: Mix with an equal portion of HE Lemongrass into a cup of hot water, tea for a nutritious drink or to enrich your recipe. Add this pairing (1 tsp) or on its own to freshly cooked rice to instantly boost your nutrient count for the day.


Although moringa is a natural healing ingredient and is generally safe for normal consumption, Do seek medical advice if you are pregnant,breastfeeding or on prescription drugs before using this product to avoid unwanted interactions and complications.

Store in cool, dry environment away from sunlight.
Keep pouch tightly sealed.

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