Pili Nuts Himalayan Salt 200g

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A delicious , nutrient dense nut with a uniquely crisp buttery soft texture. All natural with a light dusting of Himalayan Salt.

What are Pili Nuts?
13Vegan Pili nuts are the kernels of Canarium Ovatum (pili nut tree). This self sustaining tree grows in the wild and can withstand extreme stress in the form of heavy rains and typhoons to produce great tasting nutrient packed nuts. Native to the region, it is the ideal nut for consumption in South East Asia.
Find out more about the benefits of Pili nuts.

The 13Vegan Pili nut journey:  Whole fresh Pili fruits (drupe) are picked up by our partner producers directly from farmers to ensure they are rewarded with a fair price and that only the highest quality product is selected for processing. The fresh fruit is de-pulped, shell cracked and kernels soaked to activate the nuts and make nutrients more readily available. They are then slowly dehydrated to minimize the loss of essential minerals and vitamins to heat. All of this is done as close as possible to where they are harvested to ensure the highest quality product and also to support the local economy in Philippines.

Pili Nuts are delicious on its own, in smoothies, ice creams, pastries and cereals. Scatter the nuts over a salad or add them to your favourite rice/ noodle recipes for an added crunch.

Ingredients: Pili Kernel, Himalayan Salt

Allergen: Tree Nut

Store in cool, dry environment away from sunlight.
Keep pouch tightly sealed.
Best consumed within 3 days from opening.
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